KUNMING -- A rare wild monkey has recently become a trouble-maker by attacking a villager, pigs and stealing fruit in Southwest China's Yunnan province. Dai Yongcui, a resident of Galabo Village in Gongshan Dulong and Nu autonomous county, was attacked by an Assam macaque, a Class I protected wild animal in China, on her way home on Thursday. The monkey bit her thighs and ears. "I did not see clearly what it was, and I thought I was bitten by a dog," Dai said. She later had stitches and rabies vaccination. On Friday, another villager said he saw the monkey stealing pig fodder and peaches. It also bit five pigs a villager raised. Police used a tranquilizer to catch the monkey when it came back to the village for food on Saturday. The wild animal has been sent to a nature reserve for treatment and observation. It is in stable condition. rubber bracelets cheap
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